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If my voice strokes your choice

And my moving cells you ensorcell


Come get me


If my yoke in another makes you broke

And my charm causes you sweet harm


Come get me


If I am the witch who burns your bitch

And the flower which scents your shower


Come get me


If I am the ears to soothe your fears

And the eyes to kill your sad byes

Sweetness come

Come get me


If I am the bait to get you to slate

And the chalk to fetch you from your hulk

Oh come

Do come and get me


I am no vampire in a blood empire

I am no fantasy in your fallacy

I am no grant in chaotic rants

I am the best of the best

And reside in you I am your WILL

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) October 29, 2016

Photo: Google pics

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