Many horrors, like shadows hide
In unseen corners of jungles
Waiting to jump at dangerous intruders
So even hard hearts hide their zones
Aren’t they protected somehow?

The mouth chews to soften
And is a tool sharply shaped
When hands are tied
It can bite into suffocating hands
To freedom
Strength of the head!!!
Only desert mouths
Host fearless fingers

When strength is almost nil in most
Why deny the most sought after edible
A toffee unfinishable
A sacred hole in whole
Which needs holiness
To be broken into by mad pleasure pushers?
Where are their teeth when their tongues are helpless ways?
Give them some
Ears to hear danger
Noses to smell danger
Eyes to see danger
And teeth to bite danger
Fragile flowers need thorns!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) October 1, 2016

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