It is our belief
That like a being hiding behind a partition
He hides behind the sky

It is our unconscious belief
That he holds a potent telescope
Watching all deeds at once

It is our odd belief
That He has a path to his abode
Paths solely definite from our stance
And made through sacrificial humans
Who lived in miracles and braveness
If even our houses have different paths to them
Why would His be different?

In order to reach Him
Many step on others
Forgetting same clay
Same fingers
Same vision of marked expectations for each

None thinks us a draft
A draft each in rightful spaces
But competitions in conflict
Not even in singing harmony
Citing Him as the crude alpha
Forgetting consciences are not found in jungles

He who is the air
And shares it fair
Showing He, for all cares
Is made speechless but still His work dears
Dipped in misconceptions
Smeared in riots and wars
He sure must live in sad aura
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 24, 2016

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