Eyes see no shine in closeness
Noses smell no purity around lotuses
Hands feel no warmth in bests
Distance is like the catalyst of awareness
Oh how vengeful time proves to be!

Kwasi said she was like a board
Any posting on it was seen to
Ama said she was a t. roll
Which had seen many many rears
And so reeks of their smear
Awuku said she was the dummy
One whose brain needed a nanny
While Akrofi pelted stones at her

Her worth was seen
When the weather called her under its shade
To rest and reflect
And rise into her shine
Her boldness now opens mouths
Her strides put hearts in race competitions
Her beauty stupify her noted bullies
The right words are codified on the regret board
None sees shine under their umbrella
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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