Did the gods foretell your birth
As Jesus’s was foretold in Biblical words?
Did your pa, like a dragon
Ride the night of blessitude
To hatch a fruit so fiery to lead?
If love loves the love it gives
This Ghanaian house loves the day
The mouth of a blessed whale
Vomited you onto its shores
If your ancestral soul stands to celebrate
We say
Afihyeapa o o!

None wakes a sleeping soul
To see the ruins of his empire
If you were the warrior whose mind
Like multitudes, defeated complacent oppressors
Even in fragile breath
Surely, your Ghostliness can work close
With Highnesses of the gods
In ancestral lands
To navigate better our sinking ship

Won’t it be better if the ships you loved to yoke together
Held hands in your mortal dreams
To stand like Afajato
To hit the pate of pathetic corruption into death?
Won’t you feel proud
If you hover our skies to suck out stoogehood
And raise our eyes to see our wealthy worth?
Can we not run
If our knees stem our thighs
Rather than licking floors for poisonous crumbs?
You know we celebrate yet review
Afi o afi!

Warrior of blessedness
Is there no chant to force waists
To clear their inheritance and plant their dreams?
Swordbearer of intelligence
Won’t you love a feast fit for your Excellency
When you walk through the memory
Of your outdooring?
Oppresors’ Oppression
Can you calm the whims of power
In peace shower
To help sanity tower?
Afihyeapa o o!
You know amamre
We celebrate to petition

I know your brave grave cries to save
I know your spirit, a body craves
I know you hunt tirelessly in our dangerous caves
To salvage what is left of your gave
But your state makes you no seeable Dave
Osabarima a ogye osa!
Afi o Afi!

Afi o afi!
Stay in shape and hunt our lions
And all our predations!
Afihyeapa o Doctor!
Cake our sanities and make us strong!
Osagyefo Nkrumah ei!
As you grow even in history
Make food for all eaten by few
Poisonous and heart plucking
So you will wake into a healthy farm
As your time embarks on another journey
To find the body of another born day
Hidden in calculated numbers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 20th September,  2016

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