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“Her head did not fall within the norms of beautiful heads, it had two chambers and a frontal porch, (something far from the round head society deemed beautiful) and her physique was nothing to write home about. She was skinny to the bone and those bones were glaringly conspicuous. She raised her head to the silent and terrified stares from the sophomores and the final year students. She knew she was not beautiful, but she didn’t think she was that ugly until she saw the looks on their faces as they watched her”

Rigo Tales is your classical high school story retold to you in all its ramifications with the crude edges intact. Set in the cold Kwamo highlands, the inexorably thickening plot launches the reader on an excitingly breath-taking trek down the memory lane. At each turn and curb, what counts for the reader is the ring of authenticity.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia excels at pacing her narrative, which races forward, mirroring the frenetic lives chronicled; school boys and girls swept up in the bewildering change; the almost stoic persona of Abena seeking solutions to problems never faced before, the humanity of GKA the prim and proper school head teacher, the relentlessness of Ogunsa, the happy-go-lucky and mean Nipasco group; all melting into that bottomless pot called Kwamo Rigo.

Perhaps, what makes this book a  breezy read that keeps you devouring the pages and yearning for more, is the courage of conviction, strength of character and love for family that encapsulates the very existence of the ugly-headed yet sweet-spirited protagonist. She affirms life while admitting its turbulence, melodramas and misfiring passions.

A solid meaty tale that does not disappoint; dramatic, suspenseful.  The smooth reading makes it easy to forget the time and keep flipping the pages.

Amoafowaa Sefa knows how to wring the emotion out of the briefest scene and I am so honoured to foreword this book.

Chris Worla Essikpe

Lecturer, African University College of Communications – Accra


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Know that for each book you buy, 30% of proceeds goes to support the Autism Help Foundation. Thank you)

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