Drama queens!
Drama kings!
Great script writers!
Writers of comedies!
Writers of tragi-comedies!
Writers of tragedies!
Melodramatic heretics
You are all that and more!

How can you analyse the un-happened?
Quantify the unneeded?
Conclude unwritten stories?
Conjure nonexistent characters?
Stage ridiculous battles
And conquer the bravest in abstract?

You are the most vengeful parts
Ones who flip and turn hearts like roasted ripe plantains on wire nets whipped by happy fires
You are the most restless parts
Ones who work and work
In consciousness and unconsciousness
Like plugged robots by the Creative God
You are the most delusional part
Ones whose unsettlement affect all
But your hard work pays off
Making stars out of wholes

Tone down you workaholics!
Not everything needs stages with scripts
Lie low you botherholics!
Not everything needs reins
To make hearts horses in thorny jungles
Be sensible you drama royals
Most smoothies lie in hard work
And not in fairytales!
Misconceptions kill some joys
Be fair and pair
You sure are leaders
But leaders need more patience than impulse
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 7, 2016

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