Fickle are hearts that need
With no desire to feed
Fickle are wayward deeds
With no forming change seeds
If humans see through acts
And like judges, conclude diggers and real
Who are you to deceive God?

Most prayers are like one way streets
Ones asking vehicles ply
Never a chance of showing hearts
Never a chance of gratitude
Never a chance of kind depictions
What do you say of hands
Always stretched from pockets
And folded back in travel?
Even the gods are bribed to listen

Hunter-owners of dogs
Expect some game from their paws
At some points in their hunts
The back of donkeys feel each weight
But quietly, their mouths close to serve
Who are you to ask in succession
When the one you ask
Has felt none but your aggression
As your worship are like rituals from rote learning
So rushed for the big greed

“Kill my enemy!”
Owula, are you the only created?
“I step on Satan!”
Awuraa, how big are your legs?
“I spit on the devil”
Charley, you no dey fear?
“God I am disappointed”
Oh, you dey bore?
Go to Antoa Nyamaa with these
And see how many cows, goats and chickens meet death at your request
And how empty your pockets cry
Into the future of hunger!
Be wise!
God is not mocked
For today
Pour a libation of His rest
Say a prayer for His wellbeing
Perform Salat in His honour
If we are as He is
He sure will love some pampering
We have been diggers for long
Let’s change our hurting song
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 4th September 2016

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