Black and red
Mate to date for the fate of the late
Like soldier ants in warrior parade
Faces varied in smiles, frowns and indifference
For the fallen whose journey goes beyond eyes’ foresight

Songs with “we have a living God” lyricals
Taunt the fallen with many misconceptions
‘We live like dead swervers
Because we have God the warrior
Oh weak soul!
Lie cold in your bowl to your rot’
‘We serve a living God
Whom you never knew so was pushed into death’s crew’
‘We serve a living God so we worship in your absence’

Oh how the departing turns like an angered soul!
In a worship ground he knew so well!
Pleased by the many faces in last company
Scared by the loneliness
In the hole sealable and heat contagious
All the battles of training
For maximum and minimum forces
Have been conquered by the unseen taker

Forgive us for thanking God
Upon your silence at your nomenclature mention!
We know yet we ask
But know that we lack foresight
Lead kindly light
So we yet to be conquered
Will have ghostly eyes to see our path
We taunt today but will eventually turn taunted
All the romantic and “akutia nnwom” as our last soothings
So lead kindly light
In this hawk taking fight
Oh ye cock taken in broad daylight
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 27, 2016

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