Walking through this book of life
Which flips and turns in love and strife
How can I the best’s wife be
If I read not of kings doting on skirts of their shes?

In the read
Hides machetes which tears ignorance in shreds
Kwaku Ananse’s morals
Which walked the spoken of the sages of Ghana
Can be met in different shapes
Different sizes
Different heights
With different dices of mischiefs
How can I not read?

They say love is like the bread of life
Many a men have battled like gods
To get on board the ships of their beloved
Like the third eye looking for flutters
I follow
Like the lost ghost looking for its body
I follow
Like the romantic waiting to be excited
I follow
Reading being the key to this beauty
Through the doors of cover frames
How can I not read?

None can seek God in isolation
Even to the ancestors
Possession was taught to the chosens
Every career hides secrets in organised alphabets
How else can I stock
The library of my vocabulary?
Why would I not read?

What feeds wisdom
Includes minds bled through inks
Minds which have been flushed through sinks
And succeeded to rise through
The gutters of their failures
Ha! Many adorable characters live in reading towns
Tell me how can I not read?

Where else can I see butterflies acting birds in sky plays?
Where else can I see lions in cat replays
And feel the stabbing knives of suspense?
Where else can fools not see with eyes
And act tools and are used like bulls?
Where else can pain be hilarious,
Happiness draw tears
Indifference hunt anger
As strangers open arms to embrace?
Where else can life hold a mirror
To show flaws and predict their endings
Pillowing consciences to opt for sanes?
Ah, think about it,  how can I not read?

From Shakespeare
To Mawugbe
Angelou to Nwelue
Abrahams through his mine to Nyantakyi
How can I miss
When heartbeats call for knowledge
Through livers’ experiences?
How can I not read?
I read because alphabets gather in right shapes
For reasons worth decoding
So I read and will read on
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 19, 2016

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