The annual 2016 Ghana Association of Teachers of English has been held in Tamale from Sunday, 7th August to Friday; 12th August 2016. The conference held on the theme: The Falling Standards of Teaching English,  The Role of Teachers of English took place at  The Tamale Polytechnic at Education Ridge, Tamale.

On Monday, 8th August 2016, delegates were tutored on Fun Ways of Teaching Poetry, Prose and Drama. The Head of African and General Studies, University for Development Studies (UDS): Dr. Damascus Tuurosung took delegates through the ‘bitter pill’ to Increasing Students’ Interest in Prose.
Many questions were raised including many teachers complaining about the unsuitable prose selection for Core Literature currently,  specifically,  No Sweetness Here by Ama Atta Aidoo. The lecturer in addressing this, blamed Teachers of English,  saying they are consulted in the selection.

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On Tuesday, 9th August 2016, the opening ceremony was held with representative of the regional minister in attendance. The representative of the regional minister promised his support for teachers of English language and promised to work towards scholarships for teachers. Blessed by a cultural group with the disabled, the opening ceremony was a success. Presentations for the first lecture followed through and ended the day early for rest.

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On Wednesday 10th August, 2016, delegates were taken through How to Teach Oral English, Comprehension and Grammar. After that, delegates voted to select their national leaders.
Joseph Kwame Dzasimatu retained the presidency along almost all of his leaders.

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Thursday 11th of August saw delegates through the much anticipated trip to the Mole National Park, the return trip ending with each delegate receiving certification.
Friday morning was departure. All is well that ends well.
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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