Pleasure rains are falling
Funny how many drains
Need to reign
Red stockings
Beautiful and wicked heels
With a shameless mask
On a cute angelic face
Hairs stand guard
I am out of control

Out of control
The chariots are heavily decorated
Flowers with pouty mouths
Daring to be plucked
Hearts on fire
Calling only the bravest
To walk through
Eyes blazing
Mouth subtle
Cheeks on fleek
I am out of control

Chickens are roosting
Only nightingales are at post
Thanks to their charming voices
Who can take that chance
To be toasted into boasting
After roasting by my hosting
Oh deary!
I am out of control

Sky beings are hiding
Only the moon stays as hostess
Having been paid in duty
Witches hide in watching
Demons hide in doom
It is a night for a queen
One like the goddess of impossibilities
Who is coming?
I am so out of control

You will beg for a whip
To hell the heavens
Which whirl to coil
You will beg for bites
Whose pinches will hold steadfast the worldly dreams
You will beg for the cross and hanging
Where panting will hold firm your heart
But in the end
All the marks will speak in pleasure tongues
I am so out of control
Come! Ye brave-head
And get your stamp
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 7, 2016
Photo Credit: Google pics

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