When the shores of sleep
Wash dreamed souls
Into immobile bodies
At the first crow of the king of cocks
Let not the waves of stench
Give away the carcasses
Slaughtered by fantasy horses
Who fled and led their opponents
To their chambers
To take what souls they deemed needed

When tears from priced eyes
Of the sky
Roll ruling dust into mud
Relieving eyes of prisoned blindness
Let no tear give away the hurts
Of stirred loss
Let no sound
Give away the melancholy of slayed dreams
Let no heart
Heat like boiling water only to cool
For even the slightest time
Owns eagle wings

It can be no fault of none
But hardwork
It can be no cause of none
But indifference
It can be at the cost of no blood of royals
But pride and egos
When the die is cast
And pain blasts
Let no thoughts walk miles in blame
A mirror is all one needs
To see the evil within
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 5, 2016

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