I need a Jesus black as coal
One who protects our seas
And grows its trees
Paying land fees for fertility

I need a Jesus who lived through a black maiden
Probably from Krobo
One who had not gone through dipo rites
And was not struck down by an Nzuleizu gods
Or an Akan who had not seen
The light of bragoro
And excelled by breathing live air
In the comfort of his happy father
Who knew he knew him not

I need a Jesus
Who feared no mosquitoes
And lived to battle malaria through herbs
Greeting the palms of the gods who ruled
In challenge to ascertain the most powerful

I need a Jesus who felt torn from soul
Felt the biting of  human hunt
And felt the pinchings of burning egos
As aliens munched native names
Like ridiculously bitter chewing gums
Only to spit them out in trashes for their dog tags

I need a Jesus whose life was stolen
The name of his like in state
As the sword for his tame
One whose eyes saw his robbers
One whose mouth was shut by fear
One whose knees tasted such sands
That his head only faced the sun in tears
Despite his live muscles

I need a Jesus with foamy hair
One who felt the whips of alien deceit
And felt so angered by his natural skin apparel
Watching himself dance to the rhythms of inferiority
To please usurping and unworthy lords

If you find that Jesus
Who lived in black
I will forever watch his back
And always carry his heavy sack
No matter what I may lack
And will all his teachings mark
When he stands, I stand, he parks, I park
For then I will know his shadows will help
In all barks and roars
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Photo Credit: Google pics

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