If I were a Fulani begger
With no future to chase
With no desire to change
I would take my womb
To the tomb
Never letting it taste any seed
Let alone bear fruit

Why will I another create
When the tree of begging lies in me?
It takes shame to be lame
It takes the lame to blame
It takes blame to remember the same
The same path of horrid fame
So pleasures, I would have tamed

Skin so fair
Run in squares
Skin so white
Turn to dust
Skin so clear
Bathe in dirt
Knees like gold always in plea
Eyes pool in seas
What is life without pride?

Like dogs without owners
They bite here and there
Bark here and there
Their seeds sold to the unknown
Until waves of oppression nails their breaths

If I were a Fulani begger
I would uproot my roots
And burn its debris
To rid the world of my shame
That shame of living less than dogs
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


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