It is difficult for a cat
To look at garnished meat
Without a reaction from its throat and tongue
I guess

It will be difficult
For a fowl to live with edible grains
Without pecking
Very difficult I guess
I thought humans differ with minds

Under the warm sun
And in the presence of the cool breezes
I stood like a television
All eyes glued on
My mouth felt all eyes
As it moved
Eyes who directed their mouths to part in ease
Hoping mine gets the invitation
I see theirs as they are
They see mine as cats see meat
And fowls see grains

If a nun differs in apparel
The difference will be her veil
But even in the centre of all those clothes
Ravishing eyes told me I stood naked
Like the day I was born
With teasing growth
They couldn’t let go

My steps
They said
Were provocative
Calling their bluffs
Insulting their potency
My figure
Serving as an aphrodisiac forced
Down their throats
Through the light of their eyes

I can ask a million whys
Looking for a difference between programmed animals
And those created beings
But nothing pops up
My ink can bleed my doubt
Doubts that my mouth fears to utter
Again I ask why?
In the world of sticks
Reasoning lies dead in pleasure
I guess
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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