It is that time
When ability matches agility
And humility fears no fatality
Kicking strength like a football
Marking sanctity where banality lived

A rabbit has won
Won a wrestling match
After defeating a lion
Its weak paws gnawing at its strong neck
Lion furs aiding its strength
Horrified eyes look
Begging for their nonsensical dreams to end
As flies travel in and out
Of mouths whose gates
Have been opened by shock
Dawn has lots of dews to shed

The fearlessness of a lion
Its ego linked to its strength
Its roars which battle thunders
Its hunting skills
Which make it the monarch of the jungle
All crawling at the feet of a rabbit
Woa look!

I don’t want to be in its paws
Feeling the shivers of loss
I don’t want to be in its eyes
Sharing his visions of defeat
I don’t want to be in its ears
Hearing taunts that haunt
Its mind must be a scattered battle ground
As its claws turn weak brooms
That even dirt fears not
I don’t even want to imagine

Complacency is a slow poison
Its weakness having no footsteps
To warn the head that wears its crown
Be warned
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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