I killed you
In my dreams
When your flaws burnt bright
And I lost my way in fears of screams

I killed you in my creams
When your texture dried
And my skin lost all moisture
As I, all the seas of tears cried

I killed you in my dims
When your light went out
And I groped in doped dark
As I got lost in haunting ghostly shout

I killed you in all hims
For you lost your love weapon
And I saw your trust crumble like a castle
Which, a fake mountain stood upon

I killed you
Laid you in state of frets
Like a stinking corpse in a royal state bed
And buried you in regrets

You will always remain the bitter nims
Whose sourness stings
But heals numerous ailments
Your hurt forever rings
But your lesson to me is priceless
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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