As I shed my clothes of years
As snakes shed their skins
I know I move at the instruction of time
Which holds the knowledge of where I alight
In this vehicle of life

As many voices sing
Ringing bells in celebration
I see what they hide
Behind their curtains of congratulations
That fact that I have taken a step closer
To the end

In flashback
I see my young and fragile self
Which knew no hurdles
Which knew no hatred
Transform into seeker
Of life’s forest machete
As I met its desert roads
Whose thorns pierced like spears of enemies
And its fearful animals
Whose teeth yearned for my blood

Grinding bitterness into forgiveness
Pain into power
Took a while
But time which hits and balms
Proved to be a great teacher
With the help of falls and rises

Now I look back in hurt
Wanting to be in my dead young
That dead young which buries itself
By the passing of every second
And I look forward in fear
Knowing not what hides
God knows good or bad
I do hate surprises

So I stand on this busy but lone road
Where each is for himself a traveller
Looking back like a destooled queen
Looking forward like a sentenced criminal
Still, I sure must smile
Looking into the faces of happy doves and or vultures
Feeling every bite of every food in my bones
With every sip drawing pictures of time
Drinking my blood sip after sip by the second
This is but a happy sad day
My birthday
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

19 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY

    1. Thanks. It actually took me by surprise. We have over 50 countries in Africa so it is kind of difficult to tag all for a few plagiarized posts. But you do have your opinions and I respect it.

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      1. The websites are hosted in Africa, but the domains may not be run from there. Sadly I’ll never know since most people spoof their sites, but I IP track everyone and I can only state what I see and they are hosted there. I hope you have a great weekend and again, all the best. 🙂


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