Most crowns have fallen
Into the gutters of civilization
Their stools
Lost in the wilderness of democracy
Arresting conventions to be whipped like criminals
In the fallacy of globalization
Their seers turned predictors
Wearing garments of dense education
Mostly with magic of turning what is
Into what isn’t
Why won’t most cultures vanish like ghosts
As the others roast in books?

Whatever kneeling needed to serve
Money represents in the now
Respect has fallen
Killed by the sword of human rights
Whatever remains are skeletons
Yet to be powdered into scattering

Now songs have lost their voices
Cruelty loving its choices
Seas of goodness are losing their rivers
Sending shivers into the spines of the weak
Darkness for rest is losing its solitude
Being brightened by hands of prying
What can’t go wrong?
Openly-closed eyes!
Smelless-smelling noses
Wait until your stomachs close
At the hands of negligence
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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