Won’t I miss you
When I’m gone?
You shelter that sheltered
Knowing all
Seeing all
Feeling all
Without breaking your hall
No word came from the mouths of your walls
You hide the dirty sides
Prepare for my better sun view
Keep the secret tears
Like invisible diary only I can read
You labour
In my nakedness
Shut your eyes when I need darkness
Been my sacred place
My loving place
Mine and mine only
From twelve after two thousand
You complain not of the heat on your crown
Nor the heavy winds threatening your stool
You complain not of the rains and the dust
Nor the bad odour free range does give
Can I thank you enough?
Wemah 6
Oh Tamasco!
All memories sweet and sour
All happiness hard and bitter
All expectations high and low
I have tasted thanks to you
Struggling with me
Standing with me
Even through the thunders of my life
And still labour with my presence
Forever your memories will with me dwell
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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