When the gates of my eyes
Failed the bait of darkness
And stood ajar
Like a third leg mad man in attentive glory
I knew the legs of the night
Would go at a snail’s pace

The balls which needed to be hidden
The bigger colours which needed to rest
The lens which needed the cover
All faced the breeze of worry
Heard the cries of bats
Saw the visions of owls
And felt the dew of hurts
Still tik…tok….tik…..tok
The legs of time walked
Like a pompous bride
As all fearsome problems convened
In this small heard in chaotic demonstrations

The ceiling begged to be obscure
Hairs begged for the sleep of thinking lice
Tossing and turning was the unanimous decision
Of the parliament of the body
Still tik…tok….tik…..tok
Time walked and still walks
Like an invisible wave
Vomiting me at the dock of sunrise
Which smiles happily at the misery it sees
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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