Eno Abena ei
I need to tell you something
Something that Awo Pokuah said
That sugar attracts many ants
Ripe fruits attract many birds
But faeces shut eyes
Repels noses
And frowns faces

So I should try being sugar
To get many ant companions
And stay sweet on tongues
Or be a ripe fruit
To get many birds to plant well my seeds
Awo said like a climber
Who fears height
I should never look down
As flies are no welcome visitors
Let alone companions

Eno Abena
I want to be a fruit
But I lack the needed fertilizer
As a weak plant
Under a huge tree
I hardly see the sun
Feel the rains only at my feet
Only the air helps me stand
Mostly after visiting many

I need not think about being sugar
Who will grant this sugar cane audience?
Who will process me to attract without cost?
In rawness, I attract only thieves and flies
How good is that?

Eno Abena
Am I disappointing Awo?
Awo who was my odum
When the storms stormed out
My sky, when I needed rain and sunshine
My fan, when air got scarce
How do I face her in yonder world?

I am fighting
And will continue to fight
If you meet her before I do
Please tell her I am in the battle
Tell her although she gave no formula
I am searching frantically
Like a trained dog
To be sugar
Or a ripe fruit
Just as she asked
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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