Before Poku arrived in front of King Gyaas, Catcher told all the first cat family members present

“I think we must find a way of not antagonizing them further to flee. Let’s find a way of making them understand that things will change and get them to settle in comfortably. Then we can appoint the heads of all the species which are important in the kingdom to some positions. This way, they will let their guards down as we, through their heads get what we want.”

Crude was shocked at the thought of Catcher. All the others looked on like they’ve been struck by a positive lightening which has caused them to see clearly.

“You are not called Catcher for anything. You really are the best thinker this kingdom has seen”

King Gyaas commended.

“Now Poku, find a way of announcing to the whole kingdom that we are in for a fresh start. The gods of our land have embraced a new god which forces them to force us to live in harmony as herbivores. Make them understand that they are their own bosses and will not have any interference from us anymore. All they will get is our directions and goodwill.”

Poku fled with some of his men and added Dog Servio to do the work of the kingdom crier.

“Wow o wo! Wow o wo! Let all kingdom heads put their ears to the ground and hear the heartbeat of the king! He is the only king who truly thinks about his subjects. King Gyaas has seen a new god through our many gods! They call for harmony among all Kingdomers! They have warned that we live like equals or the skies will bring the knife of thunder to slash all murderers! King Gyaas loves all and calls for all Kingdomers to feel comfortable enough to settle in. The first cat family will make sure all are safe! Wo wo o wo! Stop hiding and come home! Home is where your colour blends! No foreign leaf can agree with your intestines like our own! Come home oh wo! All heads of differing animals will ascend thrones to fight for their own in a free parliament o wo!!!”

The animals who were hiding in trees, underground, in deep waters began to murmur among themselves.

“Is this true? Is this not a trap? Let’s be careful o! I think they cannot lie on the gods of the land! Who could this new god be? Maybe second chance is all the first cat family needs”

The hiding animals came out of their hiding and settled in.

The first parliament took place five days after calm returned to the kingdom. All heads of various animals represented. They realised they could not do anything because everyone was eager to talk. King Gyaas had decided not to take part of the parliament but will follow everything they say. Cruiser suggested they vote for a head of the parliament who will chair all occasions so as to bring some kind or order. All the animals agreed but did not nod for Cruiser. They nodded for the head of cows, Quintin.

Cruiser realised he was just not likeable. He had thought they did not give him the nod at first because of his size but Quintin was also big enough. He let it go with as he knew the sense of loss wanes with time. They decided to call themselves Kingdom Reps

“Hello all kingdom reps!”

All of them covered their ears. It was the head of Guinea fowls.

“I know I have a pitchy voice, but in the name of equality and Kingdom Rephood, please don’t make it too obvious. It is amazing how we cry for equality but look down on others who are unique than us. Anyway, I am glad to be part of this parliament. The first thing I need us to discuss is the way to keep the trees safe for boarding…”

Just then, Fowl Crystal cut in

“The trees? What about the land? The land is also a place for some of us to board.”

Shut up both of you! Rat Reuben said

“Underground is the most important place to talk about. Animals who live there suffer a lot when the sun sits on its throne and when the rains angrily flood, we suffer more. Aren’t we supposed to talk about how to make the underground better?”

Corrector the Parrot chipped in

“I don’t know about the sky, land and underground but are we not supposed to use formal language? Reuben, this is a noble house. How can you say “aren’t here?”

Almost all the reps nodded. Then Corrector continued.

“I think we should put all the betterment on hold until we get we set rules to govern this noble house”

Almost all the animals forgot about the previous discussions as they debated and debated about the rules fit to govern the house.

“No pitchy voice to be used to an echo level” Warthog West hid to say

“No croaky voice to be used above to an echo level” Guinea Fowl fired”

“No heavy legs must be moved more than four times in the house” Dee the Lizard said

“No unnecessary nodding should be seen in the house” Cruiser fired at Dee

All the time, Servio sat there breathing with his tongue out as though his life depends on it. His ears standing like very obedient soldiers on duty.

“Mooooooo” Quintin silenced

“The sun has travelled beyond its peak. We need to go back to our people. The parliament will now adjourn to the next five days.”

That evening, Necky the Giraffe head had a royal visitor. King Gyaas sat in front of his house.

“Dear Necky, they say when the heavens visit the earth, then there sure is the need. I am very ashamed to sit before you like this. I have a very peculiar problem. My little son is dying of blood thirst. I am not affected by the herbs we are taking but that little royal soul is dying because his system cannot digest the grass. Please, you know how difficult it is for our kind to procreate. Save my young one”

“How?” Necky queried

“Gift me one of your kind. Its mother does not need to know. All you need to do is to get it for me and I will make sure you get access to water for two weeks…









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