Like seeds
We need rain
Sunlight and air
To bond with soil
In order to grow

Like young plants
We need your clearance
Your guidance for endurance
Your protection from legs and winds
To grow in thickness to fruition

Like fruiting plants
We need your protection
From birds and pests
To keep our seeds
To feed and plant

Give us your waters
If the rains fail to fall
Give us your light
When the sun hides in the clouds
Fan our roots and leaves 
If the air dines with sleep
We are the chariots of replacements
The heads for the thrones
The minds for the wheeling of life to weed all chaos
We are the fingers for the pens
The smooth tongues
To grace all ears
We are the seers with blessed hands
Blessed hands for tilling
We are the visions
We are the bosoms
Which will beat to scare
And embrace in welcome
We are the flights
We are the legs, which will take Ghana there
Into the future
Where your futures’ futures lie to be awaken
By our magic breaths
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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