(As part of the International Women’s Day, I composed this poem to congratulate all women. No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what you are going through, no matter your status, Happy International Women’s Day! Be the queens you are and rock your worlds. You are special and nobody can take that from you. Enjoy this piece.)

Google pics
Google pics

Show me a river with no legs

And I will show you how it seeps to flow

Even into a hard rock

Even into thorns

Even into walls.

Although some get captured

Some get splattered

Some get evaporated

They all end back into the land

Their destination of birth!


A woman is a river

A river in which all gods dwell

A river which gives life to the earth

A river quenching all thirst 

No matter how wronged 

So strong is her resolve

That she can be caged









But in her

Is the seed of all men


Stand to be hailed ye rivers of life!

Sit to be worshipped ye rockers of the earth!

Laugh to infect ye souls of grace!

Even in sorrowful laughter

Your love resonate all corners of the earth

When all else fail

Over temptation, even in strife

Mean times can sit on stools

Emancipation shelved like rags

Nothing hides your light

For you are the light of the world

The beauties of the soil

The bravest hearts of the land

The mothering souls like angelic warriors

You are who you are

And planters can never plant without lands

Flow into all your seas

And dance this day in all your glories

Knowing you rule this earth

And will forever rule

For you are the land

And the crown of the heavens

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


14 thoughts on “WOMEN

  1. “When all else fail, Over temptation, even in strife, Mean times can sit on stools, Emancipation shelved like rags, Nothing hides your light”
    This is a classic! Thank you for saying it so well and Happy Womens Day to you!


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