SADA’S 20th Ghana International Trade Fair in Tamale

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) arranged with the Ghana Trade Fair Authority to host the 20th edition of the fair in Tamale at the Tamale Sports Stadium. The fair is on the theme “Two Decades of International Trade Fairs in Ghana: Exploring Business Opportunities in the SADA Zone of Ghana”, seek to harness the vast investment potentials in the Savannah Ecological Zone. The fair started from February 25, 2016 and will end on March 7, 2016. Amoafowaa passed by on March 29, 2016 and with the help of Wofa Kojo Kwarteng captured sheds which caught her attention and asked those available about their businesses.

IMG_0807 This is Vision Farms started by Mr. Alhassan Bafara Ibrahim. They own over 20,000 birds and train communities for poverty reduction through rearing. So they register, train those interested in basic handling of the birds. They then supply them with 10 birds. As they grow, they take 30% of the proceeds. They can be contacted on +233205356509.






IMG_0816 This is the Baaru and Sons Xylophone Learning Centre which is located in Laura led by Samuel Saaku Baaru. They teach how to play and manufacture xylophones. They also sell and export mostly to Argentina. You can call them on +233208917027.



The B-diet Tom Brown started on large scale in November but prior to that, it was just just produced for home consumption and sharing to the needy. The interest of people inspired the large scale production. The CEO, Mr. Charles Atia said he had thought of a way of earning income, creating job opportunities for the youth and helping in the reduction of high incidence of malnutrition in the north. As part of the third objective, he tried to make it affordable so that people with low income can afford it as they have the high risk of having malnourished children. To be able to reach these people, they go round to meet the people to talk to them and encourage them to buy some for their household as a substitute for porridge which is mainly carbohydrate. B-Diet Tom Brown has Fonio, soya beans, ground nuts and yellow maize which are nutritious cereals and legumes. Currently, there are young people who come for the product to sell for income and are saving to be able to pay their school fees. Their contact +233201658401.IMG_0825

This is the Jamilullah Farms is owned by the pretty Ruka Yaro. She owns close to a thousand birds. Her farms is in Tamale. Her contact is +233244128734.




Many smock sheds abound at the fair.IMG_0689

Little Beginnings is a Trust Foundation whose president is Ms. Priscilla Akoto Bamfo. She started by visiting orphanages, that is, the Osu Children’s Home in Accra, Nhyonni Children’s Home in Tamale to play with them and teach them the fun ways of learning. Nowit is opened as a reading centre for children from Kindergarten to class six on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm . Their main objective is to inculcate values in children using books and stories as a tool with the hope that they will practice in growth.

International Trade fair

Local jewellery on displayIMG_0741Bafafa Foods represents


Agape Moringa Products produces herbal soaps, hair and skin pomades. Their main ingredient is the Moringa Leaves.

Might fm, 90.5 Mhz also has a shed at the fair. According to the Accounts Manager, it is to showcase their ability as a renowned broadcasting house. It is also an assemblage of potential media partners and also it is the opportunity to meet and profile themselves to see the possibility of coming together to work. Their contact is +233208222060








IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761

All these products are made in Ghana. The clothes, sandals, beads. Craft is something that Ghanaians are blessed with.

Trade Fair Ghana 2016


Vek Jah Enterprise’s products include pure honey from Damongo, and Pure Groundnut Paste and Jomi (she explained that Jomi is derived from fire- “ejo” and oil- “emi” in effect, Jomi means oil from fire). They can be found in Northern Ghana, Tamale. Their contact is +233208293782IMG_0768

Blessed Elinam Enterprise makes clothes, bags, tie and dye, Madam Elinam says she does all these by herself and is looking for investors to produce on large scale. Her contact is +233244592018.IMG_0771


Students of Tamale Polytechnic represents showcasing various crafts which are such delight to watch. This particular one is a water fountain made by a student called Shiraz Abdul Razak. What is in the earthenware is a pump which pumps the water up and down. He is looking to produce on large scale when he gets an investor. He can be contacted on +233240399926.




These were made by two female students; Ahmed Zainab and Asantewaa Appiah Irene who graduated on 2015 from the Tamale Polytechnic.


IMG_0777 This is an electrical solar amplifier made by Alhassan Abdul Jalilu who needs investors to perfect it. I must say it was very clear and its loudness is in tune with international standards. He can be contacted on +233245735715








This is a bamboo bicycle made by a student of Tamale Polytechnic

IMG_0790 The photographer for the day Wofa Kofi Kwarteng took a ride to test it, and it worked perfectly.
IMG_0793 Auxano makes pomade from shea butter.

Some noticeable art
IMG_0796 IMG_0797

Amoafowaa on the xylophoneIMG_0798


Cool locally made soya milk. Was very tasty.


This is Awontiirim Calabash and Wood Art. According to the sales woman, it is a family business which was started by their grandfather but perfected by their uncle. Now everyone in the family does it. Their contact is +233242068626.

There were many sheds which amoafowaa could not cover because of time.

Photo Credit: Wofa Kojo Kwarteng.

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