I know you swallow it all

Green or brown in lastly fall

Weak or strong when they’re slashed by the “amuntum” call

A call of croaks from the throat of “Yaamoa Owuo”


Is conscience lacking you

Or you lack the pit to carry its pot?

Who eats the little bitter mangoes

When ripe ones open their arms in embrace?

Are you a psychotic beast

Taking vessels with strength and leaving the fragile?

Or you are like a carnivorous vampire 

With no scruples when any bone show some meat?


I am on a quest

To god of yours request

So I can sit on you and prevent you to rest

Until I see to your arrest

Making sure you have no sick breasts to suckle

For taking what was un-hatched

I say fie!

I curse your ladder

And await with white apparel

For the day you fall into the mouth of your god

Death! Thou shall painfully and slowly die!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Wrote this for my young student who died and is being buried today. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace)


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