From today, February 13, 2016, I start a weekly series titled Jubilation of Onomatopoeiaisms. on amoafowaa,com This story will be continued every Saturday until it ends. Please do follow the thrills. You don’t want to miss this

Once upon the time, King Eagle was the king of the Jungle Kingdom. The animals became thirsty as drought brought its royal stool to their lands and became comfortable striking the skins of their land which rebelled by ceasing to grow seeds and plants it was given to keep the cycle of life active. Then it dawned on the entire kingdom that eagle seldom stays in the jungle. Even his family lived in a very tall tree far away. He comes to the jungle to give orders and to take any animal it deemed fit for his family. Then leaves without a care as to whether there is water or the animals are safe. He never adjudicates matters and cares not for the vulnerable in the kingdom. So the animals met in his absence to talk about impeaching him for a more competent one. Then, a penguin had travelled all the way from Madagascar to Jungle Kingdom and educated them on democracy. Penguin however told them a ruler must be very intelligent, eloquent, friendly with a sense of duty in order to rule their kingdom into success.

Goat raised his hind legs to be nominated but none acknowledged him. Many are those who castigated him saying “look at that naughty and stubborn soul on all fours seeking to be our ruler” after chuckling noisily.  Peacock raised her feathers and drew the attention of all to nominate her. Some animals laughed while others angrily blurted out “How dare she? Does she think we are playing a feminine game here? To think she is one of the proudest animals in the jungle. What can she do for us? Does she think we will be satisfied just by looking at her feathers?” Then an elephant; Osonde, raised his hand, all the animals looked at him like a haunting vampire. Some shouted in their heads “Do we wish to be stepped upon?” But none was brave enough to say it out  loud. Seeing the looks on the faces of the animals, he quietly but sadly lowered his hand. Many animals expressed their desire to step in the shoes of Eagle but were not supported. There were meetings upon meetings to ascertain the head that best fits the crown.

Three animals nominated Dove Dearie but the carnivores were not in support of the decision. They said they would be victimised if the pure Dove became the king of the Jungle Kingdom. Then two people selected Tiger Osebom which nearly caused commotion at the meeting. Herbivores complained bitterly that they would never feel protected having such king.

All the while, Lion Gyaas looked on and hatched a plan to be the winning candidate. While the meeting was ongoing, he stole bits and pieces from many animals. Different feathers from different birds, different skins of many animals, even pigs, struggled to cut many shells from many animals including one tortoise. Lion Gyaas decorated himself with all his stolen goods and looked like bits and pieces of all animals put together. On their last meeting for nomination, he stood in front of them, his skin totally lost beneath his apparel, and spoke thus:

“The Jungle Kingdom deserves better! I say the jungle kingdom deserves better!” 

The kingdom became as quiet as a treeless cemetery. All ears standing at attention to listen to the fresh voice filled with hope.

“We need to see each other as ourselves. Dogs are no different from the Nightingales although the former walk on all fours and the latter fly. Horses are no different from Lions although they differ in personalities; the former loving servitude, the latter loving freedom in wildness. The lizard is no different from the snake. In effect, we are all equal. We need to think alike, love each other in order to improve this kingdom. For all we know, the blood of different animals who were not allowed to finish their lifespan could be the cause of our woes”

All the animals clapped as some whistled. Some chirped noisily in agreement, some barked deeply from their throats, some hooted like royal drums, some hissed. It was a jubilation of onomatopoeiaisms.

Lion Gyaas continued:

“I stand before you as your brother, your father, your cousins, your family, your husband, your comrade, your friend, your defender, your protector and your ever submissive servant. I promise there will be no discrimination if you give me your nod to climb our royal stool. It is good that every soul here has a neck. A nod of a head for me is peace and growth. Penguin said “it gets lonely at the top” is a famous saying where he came from. I assure you that cannot work here as there is none to sit on the ground. Every one of us will be at the top”

More applause from the kingdom. If smiles and laughter could tear mouths, all mouths in the kingdom would have been shredded like weak rags as lion continued to woo.

“Just give me the nod dear Pigs, give me your nod dear Porcupines, give me your nod dear Sheep, give me your nod dear Dogs, give me your nod dear Fowls, give me your nod dear Ants, give me your nod, dear Swans and do tell sweet Fishes in the seas to help with their nods. I cannot mention all your names but I have them all written on my heart. I will not only take care of those on land and in the air, but work to boost the water levels of seas and rivers and make them comfortable. A nod for me will be an eternal freedom and protection. A nod from me will be a beauteous harmony in living, a nod from me will be an astounding lasting of breathes, a nod for me is your will which will culminate into your reward of living like the royals you are. “None Eats None” is my motto. Farming and adjusting our palates to plants and weeds is what I aim for. You all know how difficult it is for someone like me to live like that but I will live through it because of the love I have for you. Look at me, don’t you see all of you in this little me?”

More applause from the animals who were overwhelmed by the words they so desired and were receiving from Lion Gyaas. Just when Lion Gyaas was about to crown his words to dismiss the meeting until the Nodding Day, Eagle came in all his glory and strength to ask what was happening. Hardly had he touched the ground than thousands of animals pounced on him to kill him in cold blood. Every animal, except sheep, stepped on his carcass. As some spit on him, others defecated on him, some booted him until a dragon burned him with his lighted fire and burned him to ashes. More jubilation and applause followed.

“On this note, I have nothing to say. You see how our coming together has given us our first victory? We are now free from Eagle. As far as we are concerned, his family is nowhere near and can’t even trace their roots. So let’s consult our tree pillows, stone pillows, land pillows, water pillows, leaves pillows and take a wise decision on the Nodding Day slated for next week. Until then, may the gods of our ancestors bless us, the ghosts of all who died unfairly shape our thoughts. Thank you all.” Lion Gyaas concluded.

The animals dispersed. Little animals walking with shoulders raised, eyeing their predators with eyes filled with the message “We are all almost equal, Lion is our dream come true, our protector, our God, erase all thoughts of cravings of us, we won’t be your foods no more, pick not on us”. Some of the carnivores started thinking about the intensity of the implication that they must turn herbivores. The disdain and daring in the eyes of their “dishes” made their stomachs grumble. Yes, the shouting had made them hungry but the words of Lion Gyaas made it impossible to hunt in broad daylight in front of all eyes.


By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)


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