Agbozo spends all night and day

Looking in the pastor’s way

Thinking that will Satan flay

And cause his goods to sell themselves

Hopping on baskets after banking their sales

Ha! This mind, isn’t it a playful thing?


Yaa Foowaa prays like a praying mantis

Crying to God and being an apprentice

To the wife of the bishop without malice

Thinking a man will fall right from the sky

And grace her body which thirst for a bath

Yes, that body which craves for neat clothes


Akua says she’s chased by spirits and witches

Calling on God’s soldiers to chase them as bitches

Tearing fearful wizards apart to give her riches

When in fact her attitude needs mighty stitches

And her grinding mouths needs a pulled out plug

And her mirrors need their shine for reflection


Spirits are unfortunate

Witches are unfortunate

They take all blames of owners so fortunate

Drummed painfully on their heads by horrid excuses

But when truths rear their lightful heads

The curse is on Satan whose mouth is gagged by non-existence

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Photo Credit: google pics)

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