I laugh like I cry

I cry like I laugh

Whoever saw a lion hiding behind a rat

For protection from what it fears?

Show me that being,

And I will take bullets meant for the skies


I dance like I wail

I wail like I dance

Whoever saw an elephant begging an ant

To help it carry its load

Show me that being

And I will dig and carry a mountain to give eyes to devils


I sniff like I cough

I cough like I sniff

Whoever saw a crocodile dining with a hen

On a table filled with weed

Should bring out evidence

And I will create hell and roast myself

For that being to make a feast


Impossibilities run wild in minds of losers

But they, like unthinkables, call for other minds to make them possible

Whoever saw a crow and called it a dove

Whoever saw a dog and called it a giraffe

Whoever saw water and called it fire

A box filled with curses of poxes on you!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2106

(Picture credit: blogs.cfainstitute.org)

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