I have hind eyes
Which see behind masks of Christ
Masks wrapping traditional spirits
Like prized gifts
Giving them out as miracles
For those who hate their very essence

I see behind these masks
Faces of greed masked
With appeals for the Lord
When I see monies needed for needs dire
Walking into coffers of greedy hands
Knowing they are lifesavers
Turned into materialistic pimps
To upgrade some mischievous hearts
I grind my teeth like a corn miller
Oh these masks of Christ!!!

I see under these masks of Christ
Mouths of lust parading as preachers
To take off pants of piety
To finger holes waiting on the Lord
With fake prophesies
Chai! These masks of Christ!!!

What about faces with minds of manipulations
Masked with Christ-like godliness
Thinking God can be bribed
Because he created the order of bureaucracy?
All their eyes see are the heavens
Stepping on toes to create their paths
Watching their lives pass them by
Causing hearts dedicated to them to fall into pits of bitterness
Chai! Masks of Christ!!!

Alluring atrocities
Human hearts turned lion claws
Hymnal leaves turned cruel machetes
Cutting down future souls
At the slightest blow of air
Masks of deception
Masks of attraction
Masks of attacks
Masks of oppression
Masks of negative ambitions
Masks of Christ!!!
Can’t wait for your boss to put you in prosecuting boxes
For masking His name in such horrors
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

8 thoughts on “CHRIST’S MASK

  1. Mankind has committed so many crimes against Christ and his creation. All who hide behind the “mask” of Christ will be held accountable and the blood of the innocent will be heaped upon those who used God to spill it. Corruption in the church will never change but a harsh and just judgment is coming that will last for all eternity. It would be better for such a mask wearer to never had drawn a single breath, for each he or she pushes away from the Savior will be counted against them. The corrupt think they won but an eternity of punishment awaits.


      1. I pray the coming year contains many smiles and few tears. I hope you discover moments of awe that come from the Lord creating the memories that are highly treasured. Happy New Year Dearest Cecilia.


      2. Thank you sweet Tina. This is about the most realistic wish I have ever been blessed with. I wish you all your dreams and more this coming year. Happy New Year!!!


  2. Yes. Way too much begging goes on in church. I can understand that the Pastor needs to earn a salary and that the church building needs upkeep but sometimes things get out of hand. Taking all those offerings and making people who either make very little money or have no income feel guilty if they don’t or can’t give. As for those TV Televangelists well they may as well name themselves Greed Inc. One TV preacher whose name is Dollar, yes that’s his real name actually petitioned his congregation to donate money to him so he could buy his own private jet plane!! Excuse me!! Many people even in America are poor, hungry & homeless and this joker is too refined to mix with the rabble on the regular airlines! No he has to have his own private plane! Yes he like many others have turned the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the gospel of greed! And Yes Jesus will judge them. I would not want to stand in their shoes!


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