It is appalling
Very shocking
What is served on various plates
In various cups
For young ones to feed into growth
Based on the physical
When there is no green blood

Whitemen serve foods of superiority
Water of black inferiority
Dessert of black boycotting
And pay for excercise for black annihilation
Sowing seeds of cruel masters
Who need to take possession of their slaves
In order to maintain their lands
When their royalties have jurisdictions
And their fates of zones are uncertain until growth
What at all is the reason?

Black people serve appetizers of white discrimination
Serve foods of white’s unfair treatment
Serve dessert of white danger
Forcing bitter waters of low self confidence down their throats
And tutor their young to be good planters
Of hurts and good harvesters of hatred
To force them to grow bombs of aggression
What at all do we aim for?

Could it be that minds need to make this habitat
A place for dogs hunting for same female?
Where one has to hurt to surrender
Or die to make the winner ascend the throne of a hole?
If so, who will be the prizes?
When men and women have their hands on deck
Standing like porcuppines shooting their opponents

Why has this gotten so bad?
So bad that even Indians who tasted dominance
Call blacks out in dirt
As half eyed beings bring out their whips
Thinking themselves better
Last time I checked
Only one skin stands out in unattainment
Wait, that is no trait for hatred
But a trait to treasure
So why the pleasure to control measure?

Could it be a section must extinct
For a section to be sole livers?
If so then who has the right
To be left here?
Whether donkeys or monkeys
Whether pigs or sticks
Whether dumb or intelligent
Only the moulder of breaths must decide
STOP THIS!!! You nothings!!!
And feed your youngs some real food
To grow sane
It is just a road
For all to ply
This life
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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