First, hold my left hand

And let’s together stand

Pull me like an egg on a little plate to you

And with your right hand

Feel my heart

Close your eyes

Think of your heartbeats

See if you have or have had the same rhythm

Put on your sage hat

And let’s dance


I am the hen with wings of an eagle

The bull with the wisdom of an ant

I am the fly with the body of an elephant

The tsunami with the gentle touch of a cool breeze

I am the full sun with the heat of sunrise

The huge sea with many paths to great others

I am a mountain climbable to bless eyes with visions

I am a simpleton with many complexities

Still let’s dance


I have a skirt with a hole worth dying to chase

I have a brazier with soft moulds worth searching to play

I have a waist so cool worth diamonds for hands to sway

I do have a mouth, toffee-like, delicious from a distance

Not to talk of eyes with deep waters of talents

And hearts of many nations

Still let’s dance


Now picture your soul in what your ears have served

Standing in the mirrors of all eyes

Being perceived as a decoration

A nothing

A washing machine

A cooking pot

A door mat

A thing like a blame can

A punching bag

Take not your hand,

Continue feeling the heart, still with your eyes closed

And let’s dance on

Now tell yourself how it feels

And be like the external who talks to the internal wise

Now let’s go on a spinning spree

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Photo Credit: Google pics

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