Please don’t be bored
This chest does many questions hoard
It is just time they show on your board

What do you prefer?
Hymns like tall airs forcing deep roots to tap
And heads of tall grasses to sway?

Or praise songs monster-gangster-like
With clap like Satanic palms

Slapping the cheeks of fresh fallen angels

In revenge for their longer shine?

Or worship songs like potent aphrodisiac
Which creates filthy and yearning goosebumps
Sizes of mountains on disciplinarians
Who deem perverts cancerous to this world of ours?


Or could it be instrumentals?

Ones which force shut even eyes of doubting Thomases

And cage voiced mimes

In the throats of the captivated?


Or could it be songs by solo singers

Whose voices are nasal chorded

Like wind-pipes of huge and tired vehicles

Calling for the attention of their deaf drivers?


Or do you prefer those songs which appear during sermons

When frog-like voices of preachers croak like hell chases

As loud shoutings like angry thunders

Strike through their vocal chords shooting heads with aches? 


Please God

Just tell it to me

The one you do prefer, so I can see

And know thy preference oh Lord!


Because the deaf cannot hear the tunings of his voice

The dumb cannot sing any chorus to you

Those with no hands can never clap during your praises

Neither can those without legs jump up and down in your dance

Are they doomed to disqualification from thy kingdom?


Where do you live?

In hearts or in churches?

In seas or in mountains?

In the heavens or beneath the earth?

You are one mythical shadow

One the lenses of the sun fail to capture

What is thy trick oh God?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(Photo Credit: Google pics)

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