We were content
With Santo and the Mfantsi vocals
In hilarious moral satires on screens
They weren’t coloured
Neither were they classy
But they gave us “us” at our horribles and bests
Until Acapulco Bay sailed in
Sweeping almost all off our feet
As carefully chosen faces displayed the fantasies of all
Most ladies conceived jealousy for their sad fates
While others nursed demands for romance
Some started complaining like feeding birds disturbed
As some dumped their partners
Like rubbish on Zongo borlas
Then the craziness started

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


  1. LOL! Ooohhh, I love those tela novelas! Especially those from Columbia. Of course, in New Mexico theirs is not a culture so foreign to ours. I’m watching Griselda Blanco now and learning the history of the drug trade from a perspective we aren’t made privy to in the states. However, we’ve had a huge effect on them and they on us. So, for me it is a bit more than entertainment but an entertaining way to learn something I didn’t know before. I love this poem and I love knowing that we have an unexpected, common bond.


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