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photo by anantakasainlife photo by anantakasainlife

When we allow ourselves to be who we are, we feel our true essence. We are at ease with ourselves. We feel the essence of other people around us and allow them to be who they are. We surrender and go with the movement of life. It is during this moment that we discover that reality is benevolent. Why? Because we allow life to move through us.  We go beyond good or bad and touch the abiding presence within us that is connected with all that is. Somehow, the answer, the solution or right action comes to us effortlessly.

Why is it so difficult to surrender? Because our ego gets in the way. It does not want us to be vulnerable. It sees vulnerability as a weakness. But if we surrender and share our vulnerability with others, we are able to connect with them and be strengthened by them. We become one with them.We become fearless.

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