Please don’t cast me

In your burdened script

For you are like Shakespeare

Whose pen hoards many a tragedy


I don’t want to be in your cast

Please don’t make me

The bat knows its ugliness

So operates only at night

Minds keeping videos of my sorrowful stardom

Is what I hate most in my entire world



Please do not cast me

In your attractive but bleeding script

Whether acting or reading

No audience deserves to see the crying face of the baboon

Songs of a nightingale are different from songs of a cricket

The former; danced to

The latter abhorred


Don’t make me

Please don’t make me

In order to feel good

You can wear your shoes on screens because they so you fit

Close the eyes of your pen to my existence

This sad repetition needs no spotlight

It needs no audience

It needs no disco light

Not even light from a firefly

Please pass gently like gun man who missed his target

I am no character who needs fame

These clothes like “amoasene” needs no washing audience

There on your path are many fame drunk souls

Waiting to compete for roles in your script


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(Picture credit: Google pics)

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