The grey hairs of the earth
Must be as white as snow
Not a moment passes without an action on its head
In its belly
And possibly beneath its feet
Living things run shifts to act like they own earth
Who also behaves like a dog serving its masters
Only to break bones like a lion
Or taste ashes like a potassium difficient being who needs it to live
Or tastes blood like a ruthless vampire
When livings fall like fruits from the tree of life
I guess it gets anxious at every bell of a faction’s wake
Not knowing what to expect
But having the final taste of the proud and difficult
Will satisfy even the very poor bullied
So it bears the elimination of sleep from its runnings
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

2 thoughts on “POOR EARTH

  1. Sadly we bully each other and we bully Mother Earth. Thus global warming and climate change. We mere earthlings need to have more respect for our Mother for without her where would we be? She nourishes us in so many ways yet we continually poison her in our quest of human greed. And Yet as the Bible says, there will always be seed-time and harvest. Let’s hope our human species will be here to enjoy it!


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