bing images
bing images

You seem like my negative
When I am draped in postive
And you are like my positive
When I am immersed in negation
What is this force pulling us like strings on puppets?
What at all is this electrification so magnified?
At this rate, none dares to touch
Who will dare?
Breathes are too potent aphrodisiacs
Words are too surrealistic  dripping in combustion
Legs are too heavy like sticks carrying mountains
Oh God!
This is a mind fraud!
Even silly chewings are magnetified
Mere moments are mythically mystical
Darkness hoards some expectations of freedom and boldness to wear naught
What is this?
Stuck in the air like fairies unknown by sin
We’ve lost our minds
We’ve forgotten fear
Forgotten the hardness of the earth ignored
We are aliens under cupid’s extreme spell
A spell so dense
Hope the fisherman who feeds us in this sea net
Won’t starve us to death at the shore
Hoping to swallow us as his conquests
Won’t we be too pitiful then?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)


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