There are dreams dangling in thoughts’ sky
Like gangster kites having affairs with high winds
And taunting their owners
Each leg of the heart of every dream steps in dazzling stardom
While their other halves lie in fearsome sleeps
Elders hint that houseflies can be eagles by will
As long as they gather more guts to get more feathers
And fly so much to gather more food
To feed their skinny selves
And attract others to kneel at their feet
But there are hands waiting to slap ones called by sores
And there are wicked scents waiting to kill
What about the magnetic fires whose eyebrows can clip their wings
And burn their existence
How can a dream ant become an elephant?
Elbows of failure have many scarecrows
They are so terrifying like bullies with famished weapons
Maybe there are reasons thighs are bigger than legs
Reasons hands are bigger than fingers
And reasons the big depend on their littles to function better
I wish there were answers boxed in taunting dreams
Maybe only those who have tasted the fires and storms
And have reached their pinnacles of the success mountain
May have the answers we seek
Just maybe
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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