When those end words’ long legs
Walked through the gates
Which resuscitated my breath
When it travelled to passionate need
I knew it was time to terminate it all
All the captured thoughts
And wipe them clean like an empty CD
To make way for a new memory gig
But every thirsty mouth
Woke dead memories from the grave of my heart
And they woke with the pain of loss
Which formed clouds of tears in my corneas
And rained hurts which shook the very foundations
Of my heart’s building
Making it vulnerable to flirting winds
So why won’t it threaten to break on you?
Those happy regrets stir trouble which bubble
Those teary fears breed contempts which attempt
To breed war of hearts
Can you blame me?
The pain of loss weighs heavily than the albatross
With the cross of Jesus
Just find shelter
Until the flooding of pain seizes
To be safe from the teeth of tsunamis
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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