I know if heaven is real
You are having that feel
Because your life did seal
That difficult sinless deal
So I know you are healed
You who lived the pain of being tagged brainless
You who lived through the eyes of loving shame
Shame from those who loved your pot only in unnoticeable corners
Covered by darkness
You who travelled four times
In a nine months journey
For those who rejected having put you on those vehicles
And oh God did show them
By making their givings their exact littles
Kwakyewaa, Efua Kwakyewaa ei!
You lived no matter how painful
You fought, no matter your losses
You won, no matter your bruises
Getting three out of four
And losing one to cerebral palsy and murderous societal suicide
Is no easy feat
Even my kerosene box wept
Having him in its bosom
Serving as his last travel vehicle to mouths of moths
Kwakyewaa, Efua Kwakyewaa ei!
You have defeated death in grand style
You have tricked seizures
You have removed the seeds from the scrotum of illnesses
Leaving only the healthy to enjoy the breath of life
The healthy who despise you
The healthy who feel shame with you around
Even though you gave them the gifts of life
I bless you on this journey
Remember our bond and help me heal
Remember my plight and deliver my ill
Remember your life and send me an angel
An angel to protect that one I have
That one who is suffering like you
That one turned angel in thought
Rest in the most perfect peace
Knowing I have frozen your life
In this poem
For generations upon generations to come
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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