Imagine Nicki Minaj’s face
Which goes at Beyonce’ pace
In a skin like Yvonne Okoro’s in sun
With a height like Naomi Campbell’s in chase
Which goes with Joselyn Dumas’ shape
With a head like Michelle Obama in mode attentive
Which goes with Adwoa Sarfoa’s mind
With a Nadia Buari like smile
And eyes like Ariana Grande in glow
Oh God!  Oh God! Oh God!
Let’s add a Dzifa Gomashie’s hardwork
With approachability like Gifty Anti at work
With skilled fingers like Yaa Asabea Asihene
And strength like Shirley Banafoe so fierce
With talent like Taylor Swift in song
And a wriggle like Shakira on stage
With a personality like Angela Merkel and Kate Middleton in merging
Top it all with Doreen Andoh’s sweet voice
Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!
Who says women are mere decorations?
They are hot in beauty
Powerful in brain
Different in many shades
But unforgettable
And they make the road of life comfy in drive
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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