Jumpy fruits

Juicy fruits

Shapeful fruits

Twin fruits

All made by our awesome God


Fairly warm

Although they have no known fires

So firm

Although they are mostly forced into things

Like huge balls of fufu squeezed into small earthenwares


I’ve seen the ones who murder crosses

I have seen the ones like limes each with a tooth

I have seen the ones which can murder ten soldiers

And seen the ones thrown in miles of hundred

I have seen those pierced to stand by metal sticks

Their cries admired in their jumpy tiny cups

Oh why must the natural suffer so to die?


Everywhere they go

They work to fit

They show the shapes of their carriers

And give newborns stable lives to build on

They roar in passions to pleasure in leisure

Their worth, too high that men do treasure

Using them as crotches, harsh brakes and all

So free the pious criminals

Even if it is for a day

Un-cage the prisoners to enjoy some light

No matter what frights eyes show in delight

Just make them free to stretch

So they can good health fetch

To work until their sorry falls

For then, none will crave for their sorry selves

As braziers become their only ladders

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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