The Joy-Killer

Thematically sad, skillful woven. The struggle part of life in a weave. Enjoy.


Sad-bad-times regurgitated; then swallowed back down

Jagged edged accusations; adeptly stabbed in the heart!

Memories twisted by denial into shame’s thorny crown

Piercing in martyred skin; shame pressing pointed dart!

Loved boy-child now, angry young man of raging renown

Bringing father shame; breaking ever-loving mother’s heart!

Insane drug-driven mad-man; lost and alone in the dark

Hating God; hating the world, tormented man falling apart!

Mind bending negativity; depression driven alone-state stark

On the hunt to vent hot anger; never giving love a decent start!

Forgiveness, an abstract thought; black –dead-hope heart mark

Dreamed for child; by the world ground down, soul torn apart!

Now run! Hide when you see him coming! He’s the Joy-Killer!

The star of this too-common-sad-tale of family dysfunction as art…

A young man’s life destroyed by sin; the ancient true-Joy-Killer!

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