Today I feel like roblogging interesting posts I come across. Here is the first.

Escaping through

Baba–yoruba speaks fluent english
He enunciates his ‘h’ and ‘a’ without
missing a beat.
His children roam around the school
free of range
and return home at sunset
but at least he does not pronounce
House as ‘awse’ and an egg
is not an ‘hegg’
Baba-yoruba slaps my friend’s back
and laughs about it – my friend hates it
but he laughs about it too, he gets the joke.

Baba yoruba made us laugh
We used to sing songs about
loving life under an orange tree
and we would chortle as he eviscerated
yet another student with his mighty slaps,
Stinging yoruba, and surprisingly, free-flowing English.


For he was a great man.

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