One who creates many

Risks being surrounded by many a litany

There are those who think a writer’s curse

Is the lack of characters in the brain purse

But no

There is much more to know

Many characters scream their voices

Making their choices

Expecting a creating ear

To sit and listen and make meaning clear

Even the flattest of character

Deems itself better

Antagonists seek justification for their actions

While looking for antidotes for their reactions

Weaker characters seek sympathy

Their whips flogging the creator’s mind shouting apathy

Every single happening passes through a channel

A channel of one mind like a funnel

A mind which is its own panel

Even in the darkest of thought tunnel

A writer’s curse

Is a mind whose chaos has no reverse

A mind which takes responsibilities

For its creations’ abilities and inabilities

A mind which must love all it creates

Like the heavenly father loves all He creates

A writer’s curse is accommodating it all

The rising and the fall

Sunshine and rain

Insanity and sane

The gutters and royal chambers

Until life puts out its embers

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


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