Like a pillar of freedom
Wings are let down
As she climbs onto wings of a dominant
For care to bite into ecstasy
As the cake of pleasure melt into her body
Burning fatigue
Shapening her soul
And completing her spirit

By giving out all power
Freedom of responsibility flees, she thinks
Bearing chariots
Whipping pain with pleasure
A bend can soar like a suspension
Kneeling can wrap like bondage
Toys and a human,
Whips and desire,
Cuffs of discipline fly like kites
By submitting,  she sheds all bearings

If she sheds it all
And lets thoughts take a fall
As she is kicked like a ball
While she bounces pleasure in call
She doesn’t mind being a doll
Or being kept on the shelve of a stall
Owned by a Paul
She knows she will fly in the skies
Dine on the heavens
Dance on the seas
And do as she pleases
For the earth to obey
And she will proudly bear the bruises
Temporary they will always be
Even their scars will forever bring back memories
Memories of pleasure in all leisures
“Come, take it all
Cuff me like a dangerous bull
And lead the ride”
She calls, societal walls shout “shame”
Good for her, the walls bear no mouths
All they can do is roll their eyes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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