He says her nomination lies in her bra

Her competence in her skirt

 Her ascension is only a step

So she has to flirt


 He says she is like a flower

So pretty and fragile

 So she has to be in a vase

 So she can long life embrace


 I see her like a toffee

 That he needs to lick

 She is a teddy

That he needs to cuddle

And to cuddle, he needs her dull in all

 Oh God! Oh God!


Crush his nest

Sink his boat

If he means to gloat

 Tie his thoughts

And let them backfire

Until he finds himself locked in his vase

 Pimped by his conscience

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

8 thoughts on “PERVERT

      1. Only God knows. But I think discipline of the individual counts because those feelings of lust is in every individual. So no matter the upbringing, the morals of the person counts.

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